Current location: 2021/2021-10-29 (Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena)
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1.01 - Olivias PoolStream Download10,463.50 KB
1.02 - Axilla IiStream Download38,446.00 KB
1.03 - Mikes SongStream Download23,245.00 KB
1.04 - I Am HydrogenStream Download4,892.50 KB
1.05 - Weekapaug GrooveStream Download22,401.00 KB
1.06 - ShadeStream Download8,139.50 KB
1.07 - I Always Wanted It This WayStream Download24,538.50 KB
2.01 - Ass HandedStream Download11,048.00 KB
2.02 - TweezerStream Download34,928.50 KB
2.03 - Funky BitchStream Download13,584.50 KB
2.04 - RebaStream Download26,247.50 KB
2.05 - SandStream Download20,894.50 KB
2.06 - TweezerStream Download8,553.50 KB
2.07 - Sigma OasisStream Download12,820.50 KB
2.08 - Walk AwayStream Download14,971.00 KB
2.09 - Encore BreakStream Download6,581.00 KB
E.01 - JuliusStream Download14,735.50 KB
E.02 - Tweezer RepriseStream Download6,343.00 KB
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Source Information

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV
October 29, 2021

Source: Schoeps mk41v (21 cm/90 degrees)> Nbob KCY> Naiant PFA> Sound Devices Mixpre-6 (mic in, Channels 3/4 @ 24-bit 44.1k)
Location: FOB, DFC, 6' high
Transfer: Sound Devices Mixpre-6> MacBook Air> Logic (Fades + DSP)>XLD

Taped, transfered, and mastered by wforwumbo
Brought to you by Team Schoeps

Set 1
d01t01 Olivia's Pool
d01t02 Axilla Part II
d01t03 Mike's Song
d01t04 I Am Hydrogen
d01t05 Weekapaug Groove
d01t06 Shade
d01t07 I Always Wanted It This Way

Set 2 + Encore
d2t01 Ass Handed
d2t02 Tweezer
d2t03 Funky Bitch
d2t04 Reba
d2t05 Sand
d2t06 Tweezer
d2t07 Sigma Oasis
d2t08 Walk Away
d2t09 encore break
d2t10 Julius
d2t11 Tweezer Reprise