Current location: 2021/2021-10-20 (Eugene, OR - Matthew Knight Arena)
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1.01 - IntroStream Download1,823.00 KB
1.02 - Mr CompletelyStream Download21,823.50 KB
1.03 - EnergyStream Download24,271.50 KB
1.04 - Timber (Jerry The Mule)Stream Download16,059.50 KB
1.05 - Casual EnlightenmentStream Download12,073.00 KB
1.06 - The Divided SkyStream Download31,775.50 KB
1.07 - FarmhouseStream Download11,605.00 KB
1.08 - Split Open And MeltStream Download37,928.00 KB
1.09 - OutroStream Download1,323.00 KB
2.01 - IntroStream Download1,402.00 KB
2.02 - Acdc BagStream Download11,954.00 KB
2.03 - Ruby WavesStream Download56,374.50 KB
2.04 - Lonely TripStream Download14,390.00 KB
2.05 - Golden AgeStream Download30,695.50 KB
2.06 - Backwards Down The Number LineStream Download19,194.50 KB
2.07 - Encore BreakStream Download4,699.50 KB
E.01 - WilsonStream Download7,484.00 KB
E.02 - Say It To Me SantosStream Download11,491.00 KB
E.03 - OutroStream Download1,029.50 KB
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Source Information

Phish Matthew Knight Arena
Eugene, OR October 20, 2021 Location: FOB, DFC, ~120 Feet from the stage Source: Schoeps mk22 (30cm at 90 degrees)> Nbob actives> Naiant PFA> Sound Devices Mixpre6 (mic in @ 24/48) Transfer: Sound Devices Mixpre6> USB-C> Macbook Pro> Reaper (DSP & Dither [for 16bit file-sets only, 24bit files are normalized raw files], all files are 48kHz, if you still burn CD's, convert as necessary) Sound Studio (Tracking & Fades)> xAct (SBE & Tags) Recorded and transferred by Phishrabbi Set 1

Mr. Completely
Timber (Jerry the Mule)
Casual Enlightenment
Divided Sky
Split Open and Melt

Set 2:

Ruby Waves>
Lonely Trip
Golden Age
Backwards down the Number Line