Current location: 2010/2010-10-20 (Utica, NY - Utica Memorial Auditorium)
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1.01 - IntroStream Download1,164.10 KB
1.02 - My SoulStream Download9,673.75 KB
1.03 - Stealing Time From The Faulty PlanStream Download9,163.04 KB
1.04 - VulturesStream Download14,464.80 KB
1.05 - Wolfmans BrotherStream Download15,164.98 KB
1.06 - CitiesStream Download9,023.90 KB
1.07 - GuyuteStream Download17,593.42 KB
1.08 - David BowieStream Download24,708.85 KB
1.09 - WilsonStream Download7,257.61 KB
1.10 - Mcgrupp And The Watchful HosemastersStream Download13,580.72 KB
1.11 - Saw It AgainStream Download11,943.63 KB
1.12 - Run Like An AntelopeStream Download21,979.16 KB
2.01 - CrowdStream Download1,245.82 KB
2.02 - DrownedStream Download13,520.27 KB
2.03 - SandStream Download17,833.01 KB
2.04 - Theme From The BottomStream Download13,833.09 KB
2.05 - AxillaStream Download6,207.90 KB
2.06 - Birds Of A FeatherStream Download11,804.92 KB
2.07 - TelaStream Download11,378.71 KB
2.08 - Split Open And MeltStream Download12,978.55 KB
2.09 - Have MercyStream Download12,102.43 KB
2.10 - PiperStream Download15,350.86 KB
2.11 - Split Open And MeltStream Download2,297.58 KB
2.12 - Slave To The Traffic LightStream Download22,526.02 KB
E.01 - Good Times Bad TimesStream Download13,124.71 KB
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Source Information

Phish-Utica Memorial Auditorium,Utica,N.Y. 10/20/10

Source: Edirol UA-5>Edirol R-09 HR>Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>CD WAV Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Alighned Using Traders Little Helper.Taped By Dave Boedicker(Boedi-taper)


1st Set:

My Soul
Stealing From The Faulty Plan
Wolfman's Brother
David Bowie(W/Wilson Teases)>
Wilson(W/Guyute Teases)
I Saw It Again
Run Like An Antelope

2nd Set:

Theme From The Bottom
Birds Of A Feather
Split Open And Melt>
Have Mercy>
Split Open And Melt reprise>
Slave To The traffic light

Good Times,Bad Times

1)Taped On Right Side Of Soundboard,Mic Stand At 10 Feet High.Quality Is Excellent.Nice And Crisp Sounding.

2)Lots And Lots Of Various Teases,Especially During The 1st Set.