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I 01 Mellow MoodStream Download4,477.80 KB
I 02 Limb By LimbStream Download12,514.74 KB
I 03 GhostStream Download22,177.80 KB
I 04 Bouncing Around The RoomStream Download5,499.63 KB
I 05 The Horse - Silent In The MorningStream Download9,279.63 KB
I 06 Saw It AgainStream Download7,768.61 KB
I 07 NicuStream Download9,431.47 KB
I 08 GlideStream Download7,369.43 KB
I 09 AxillaStream Download6,503.72 KB
I 10 TasteStream Download16,216.98 KB
I 11 Golgi ApparatusStream Download7,733.72 KB
Ii 01 Birds Of A FeatherStream Download16,205.35 KB
Ii 02 Windora BugStream Download9,474.94 KB
Ii 03 David BowieStream Download25,004.53 KB
Ii 04 Back At The Chicken ShackStream Download10,378.61 KB
Ii 05 Bathtub Gin -Stream Download22,851.27 KB
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Source Information

Pepsi Arena - Albany, NY

Source: Neumann u89 (hypercard) > Apogee AD1000
Front Row Center of TS by Daniel Estrin
Conversion: D8 > Turtle Beach Fiji > CD-WAV > SHN v2
by Mike Wren's Pepsi Project II

Disc One
Set I:
1) Mellow Mood*
2) Limb by Limb
3) Ghost
4) Bouncing Around The Room
5) The Horse > Silent in the Morning
6) I Saw it Again
8) Glide
9) Axilla Pt. I
10) Taste

Disc Two
Set I cont:
1) Golgi Apparatus
Set II:
2) Birds of a Feather
3) Windora Bug**
4) David Bowie
5) Back at the Chicken Shack

Disc Three
1) Bathtub Gin >
2) Ambient Jam^
3) Character Zero
4) Fire

* Bob Marley Cover - First time played
** First time played by Phish (Not counting 6/24/99
'The 5th Ball')
^ w/ Henrietta on Vaccum & Trey on Drums