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I 01 Beauty Of My DreamsStream Download4,308.21 KB
I 02 My SoulStream Download7,491.88 KB
I 03 The Inlaw Josie WalesStream Download4,302.08 KB
I 04 Trey SpeechStream Download1,444.13 KB
I 05 Limb By LimbStream Download9,852.08 KB
I 06 When The Circus ComesStream Download7,078.00 KB
I 07 Back On The TrainStream Download5,487.39 KB
I 08 TwistStream Download9,855.76 KB
I 09 PossumStream Download9,784.74 KB
I 10 SleepStream Download3,053.72 KB
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Source Information


Sixth Floor of Communications Building B University of Texas Austin, TX

Taped and Transferred by Tim Holden

Satellite>(i'm currently double checking on the cable used)>Fostex D-10 DAT

DAT>CD via HHB 800 professional>EAC>SHN

01. Austin City Limits promo*
02. Austin City Limits pre-commercial*
03. Beauty of My Dreams
04. My Soul
05. The Inlaw Josie Wales
06. Trey speak
07. Limb by Limb
08. When the Circus Comes to Town
09. Back on the Train
10. Twist
11. Possum
12. Sleep
13. First Tube
14. Post-show interviews

* I kept these in for novelty sake, you can either keep them or not! :)