Current location: 2000/2000-06-11 (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan - Hibiya Outdoor Theatre)
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1.02 - Punch You In The EyeStream Download13,730.50 KB
1.03 - HornStream Download6,568.91 KB
1.04 - Ginseng SullivanStream Download7,581.26 KB
1.05 - StashStream Download20,871.62 KB
1.06 - DirtStream Download7,908.29 KB
1.07 - PossumStream Download17,313.32 KB
1.08 - Its IceStream Download14,151.08 KB
1.09 - FarmhouseStream Download9,731.35 KB
2.01 - Birds Of A FeatherStream Download14,573.69 KB
2.02 - FreeStream Download18,156.71 KB
2.03 - Beauty Of My DreamsStream Download5,432.10 KB
2.04 - BugStream Download13,973.10 KB
2.05 - David BowieStream Download25,544.00 KB
2.06 - When The Circus ComesStream Download9,909.10 KB
2.07 - Back On The TrainStream Download10,372.73 KB
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Source Information

Hibiya Outdoor Theatre
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Source: FOB Scheops CMC64>KC5 Active Cables> Sonosax SXM2> Sony D100 (23rd row-Set 1/35th row-Set 2)
Transfer: Fostex D5 > m-audio DiO 2496 > CD Wave > Adobe Audition (edits*)>CDWave (tracking)> FLAC

Taped by Dave F.
Transfer from DAT by Kevin Davis
Edited and tracked by Blane Harvey

Edits and Notes*: Parts of the show were recorded too loud (stealth FOB), and levels were adjusted at the
beginning First Tube, Horn and Birds. I've tried to smooth this out as much as possible without making any editing
noticeable. Still there is clipping and distortion noticeable at the beginning of First Tube, before the levels are
dropped and during the crowd screams in Char. Zero.

The taper ran into some security issues between sets and had to relocate, therefore there are some sound differences
between sets even though it's from the same rig. The first set was extremely bassy, so I performed a small bass reduction
using the eq tool in Audition, but it is still quite bassy. Personally, I like it like that. There is also some sonic
wierdness during the beginning of Horn. I'm not sure if this was from the PA or the recording, but it's quite short and
not really something that could be edited.

Hope you enjoy it!

Set 1:
1.First Tube
2.Punch You in the Eye
4.Ginseng Sullivan
7.Possum >*
8.It's Ice

Set 2:
1.Birds of a Feather
3.Beauty of My Dreams
4.Bug >
5.David Bowie
6.When the Circus Comes
7.Back on the Train >
8.Harry Hood

1.Character Zero**

Japanese band Big Frog opened.
*With "Stash" teases.
**Enormous rainbow appears in sky and fades to end of show.

Show Notes: Possum included Stash teases. A large rainbow formed over the theatre and
cleared during the encore, creating an unforgettable visual.