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Source Information

Boston World Trade Center
Boston MA

Source: Unknown Aud > Cass (gens unknown)
Transfer: Playback JVC TD-w354 > CDWAv > Audacity 1.2.4 > Flac16

Transfer By: Taperwayne (

Special Thanks to Jon (JJ) williams for the source tapes!!!!!!

Disc 1
Set I

1. Suzie Greenberg
2. Divided Sky
3. I Didn't Know
4. The Landlady >
5. Bouncin Around The Room
6. My Sweet One
7. Mikes Song >
8. I Am Hydrogen >
9. Weekapaug Groove
10. "New Years Eve"
11. Buried Alive >
12. Possum

Disc 2
Set II

1. Golgi Apparatus
2. Stash
3. The Squirming Coil
4. Runaway Jim
5. Magilla
6. You Enjoy Myself
7. Rocky Top
8. HYHU >
9. If I Only Had A Brain >
10. HYHU >
11. Run Like An Antelope

Notes: Set I was on a Maxell XLII. Set II was on a UR-90
You'll hear the slight difference in quality at the beginning of Magilla.
Crossfaded tape flip during "New Years Eve"
Tape flip edited between Runaway Jim and Magilla
YEM: Several instances of static from the source tape. There was one
I could not repair, so I left it in, so as to not cut out a section of
the song. You'll notice it, but it only lasts a second. There is also
a crossfaded tape flip during the vocal jam toward the end (see if you
can find it!)

This is a rarer show, and is not perfect, but will do until a better
source turns up!


5b041d08f74ed8f6f4795cac452c3166 *ph1990-12-31d1t01.flac
71e3df92e86ba5d22d5258122798708b *ph1990-12-31d1t02.flac
7a234fd597fc21649119708528841c8a *ph1990-12-31d1t03.flac
70a0f5b80543159de5b134899c2bd9f7 *ph1990-12-31d1t04.flac
d9a43ca565371a0c3bf41d948b0fa195 *ph1990-12-31d1t05.flac
8da1c99b7a7ea72053ae69bed6687cc0 *ph1990-12-31d1t06.flac
1c35d3f9fdc099fa79b6b4dd56e71d68 *ph1990-12-31d1t07.flac
b7694f01aff0843d36923ec2fa2917c9 *ph1990-12-31d1t08.flac
06663d16dba7b8cc5c4e1282f3f421b0 *ph1990-12-31d1t09.flac
624e5b5f3dcd00a5c7a920f7650b4e68 *ph1990-12-31d1t10.flac
0668b7f41cccd7478063b96fa13ec365 *ph1990-12-31d1t11.flac
00cf3b51a0323b338f9acff491fa7065 *ph1990-12-31d1t12.flac
cf2edeeff3cdb337bde9a008c6a5c450 *ph1990-12-31d2t01.flac
afb41832a4d758cff0c274bf9d065c84 *ph1990-12-31d2t02.flac
e715b0aec737ceac6b1b96973b56522a *ph1990-12-31d2t03.flac
c277701aeae9b0ee8271366840d644b5 *ph1990-12-31d2t04.flac
bbb2e280b45d278800ecebb491624814 *ph1990-12-31d2t05.flac
ce3ef92a610a062cee4c9b90e8bdc046 *ph1990-12-31d2t06.flac
a929ba11b835efd8e40ebf1d0a03eea5 *ph1990-12-31d2t07.flac
1b14fecb80bd8ab8ff2cbbf460289894 *ph1990-12-31d2t08.flac
575d6c9966207e9cb9af813aa92a2cf3 *ph1990-12-31d2t09.flac
fc44a0503975aa4ce296516249a15084 *ph1990-12-31d2t10.flac
1619d2c1f21f07886e8e54fc51c235c1 *ph1990-12-31d2t11.flac