Current location: 1990/1990-11-26 (Ithaca, NY - The Haunt)
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1.01 - The LandladyStream Download3,899.63 KB
1.02 - Runaway JimStream Download5,773.51 KB
1.03 - The SlothStream Download3,560.86 KB
1.04 - RebaStream Download10,546.17 KB
1.05 - Buried AliveStream Download2,578.82 KB
1.06 - You Enjoy MyselfStream Download15,301.27 KB
1.07 - Paul And SilasStream Download2,949.02 KB
1.08 - David BowieStream Download11,779.63 KB
1.09 - The Divided SkyStream Download1,973.10 KB
1.10 - Makisupa PolicemanStream Download5,898.41 KB
1.11 - LlamaStream Download3,812.29 KB
2.01 - Uncle PenStream Download12,291.06 KB
2.02 - Colonel Forbins Ascent, Fly Famous MockingbirdStream Download4,907.39 KB
2.03 - WilsonStream Download5,126.57 KB
2.04 - Mikes SongStream Download4,633.92 KB
2.05 - I Am HydrogenStream Download6,000.86 KB
2.06 - Weekapaug GrooveStream Download4,622.90 KB
2.07 - Hyhu, Whipping Post, HyhuStream Download5,668.62 KB
E.01 - CrowdStream Download2,896.37 KB
E.02 - FireStream Download5,756.78 KB
E.03 - ContactStream Download8,066.17 KB
E.04 - Highway To HellStream Download4,219.23 KB
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Source Information

Phish 11/26/90
The Haunt, Ithaca, NY

Source: Aud(unknown mics)> Cass/x (recorded 10/95)
Transfer: Dennon DRW-840> Sony PCM-r500 at 44.1> Audiophile 2496> WAV> CD Wave Editor to track> FLAC on 9/23/04 by EEE

Disc 1 / Set I:
t01: The Landlady
t02: Runaway Jim
t03: The Sloth
t04: Reba
t05: Buried Alive
t06: You Enjoy Myself^
t07: Paul and Silas/
t08: David Bowie#
t09: Crowd
t10: Contact
t11: Highway to Hell

Disc 2 /Set II:
t01: /The Divided Sky
t02: Makisupa Policeman
t03: Llama
t04: Uncle Pen
t05: Colonel Forbin's Ascent-> Famous Mockingbird/
t06: Wil/son*
t07: Mike's Song->
t08: I Am Hydrogen->
t09: Weekapaug Groove$
t10: HYHU> Whipping Post> HYHU
t11: Fire

^Manteca jam during YEM vocal jam
*small cut (tape flip maybe?) during blat boom break, no loss of music
#unidentified cover jam during intro (anyone?)
$Mainstreat jam
Cool Edit Pro was used to join WilSon together as one track

Burning note: If you don't burn the crowd the encore will fit at the end of set 2 disc 2 with 80min disc

HPB setlist is incorrect.