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Source Information

November 15, 1990
Lengyel Gym, University of Maine
Orono, ME

Source: Unknown Aud>Cass1>Sont TC-WE305>Acoustic Research AP031 RCAs>Tascam US-122>CDWav>FLAC

Transferred and seeded by


01. The Landlady
02. The Squirming Coil
03. Runaway Jim
04. Dinner & A Movie
05. Bouncing Around The Room
06. You Enjoy Myself
07. /Magilla (tape flip misses first note or two)
08. Buried Alive!
09. Paul & Silas
10. Carolina
11. David Bowie

Waves Q10-Paragraphic EQ > BBE > Waves RBass > Waves C4 > 192kHz Stereo ReSampler > Waves L2 > FLAC16

Mastered, tracked and FLAC'd by Marmar 11/2004-