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Source Information

The Front
Burlington, VT

Source: SBD Cass3 (sounds like it was taped over another show)

1. //Run Like an Antelope, Lawn Boy
2. Funky Bitch
3. Cavern >
4. HYHU >
5. Terrapin >
7. Mike's Song >
8. I Am Hydrogen >
9. Weekapaug Groove
10. e1; My Sweet One
11. Paul and Silas
12. La Grange, e2; Rocky Top

Show Notes: Trey quoted Fixin to Die in the ending chorus of
Antelope. Trey flubbed the lyrics to Cavern. Nightlife (The Cars) was
teased during the first HYHU. During the second HYHU, Trey introduced
the crew (with Page providing "Charge!" teases) and dedicated Mikes's
Song to Mindy and the spirit of Ian in the back of the room. Pete
Shaw's name was spoken in the Mike's intro. Page teased The Fishin'
Hole (Theme to the Andy Griffith Show) during Hydrogen. Trey quoted
and teased Groove is in the Heart in Weekapaug Groove. Russell
Flanagan played fiddle on the encore tunes and may have played with
Phish earlier in the show.