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Source Information

Townshend Family Park
Townshend, Vermont

source: Unknown AUD
transfered: cd/r>EAC>Soundforge5.0>cdwave>flac16bit


-Set I-
1. AC/DC Bag
2. Divided Sky
3. Wilson
4. Reba
5. Horn
6. Uncle Pen
7. Bouncing Around the Room
8. Timber Ho(Jerry)
9. Lawn Boy
10. Possum

-Set II-
11. Golgi Apparatus
12. Esther

Disc 2

1. Tweezer
2. My Sweet One
3. Bathtub Gin
4. YEM
5. Lizards

-Set III-
6. Run Like An Antelope
7. La Grange
8. Ya Mar
9. Foam

Disc 3

1. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony>
2. Suzy Greenberg
3. Fee
4. Rocky Top
5. Caravan
6. If I Only Had a Brain
7. Mike's Song>
8. I Am Hydrogen>
9. Weekapaug Groove

10. Contact

12. Good X Bad X

Notes: I recieved a copy of this show on cd/r from a friend. No Source available. The discs were retracked using Soundforge 5.0 and CD-wave then encoded as flac files. No other edits were performed.