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Source Information

The Wetlands Preserve
New York City, NY

Source: MCS > AD1000 > DAT
Transfer: MCS > AIWA AD-F850 3-Head Cassette Deck > Apogee AD1000 > Tascam DA-302 DAT Deck
Tascam DA-302 > HHB CDR-850
Encoding: CD > EAC (secure Mode) > WAV > SHNTool > Flac (1.1.0)

Disc 1
Set I
01. Possum
02. Lawn Boy >
03. Reba
04. Dinner and a Movie
05. Bouncing Arount the Room
06. Tweezer
07. Uncle Pen
08. Mike's Song >
09. Hydrogen >
10. Weekapaug Groove

Disc 2
Set II
01. Whole Lotta Love Jam* >
02. Harry Hood
03. T.M.W.S.I.Y. >
04. Avenu Malkenu >
05. La Grange
06. Fee >
07. Foam
08. Oh Kee Pah >
09. Suzy Greenburg
10. Run Like an Antelope
11. HYHU >
12. Terrapin >
13. HYHU

Disc 3
01. Harpua
02. Good Times, Bad Times
03. Take the A-Train >
04. Contact

* - Phish came out onto the stage for the second set and the D.J. was still playing music out into the house speakers-the tune was Led Zep Whole Lotta Love. As a means to warm up a lil', Phish started playing along with the record playing in the house speakers. The D.J. noticed they were on stage and faded out the Led Zep leaving Phish alone playing Whole Lotta Love-that jam ends and they go directly into Harry Hood.

Show taped by Dan Chapman (
Transferred by Chris Warren (
Flac'd by Mark Kerchoff (

Thanks to Dan for the analog tapes!