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Source Information

The Bayou
Washington DC

Unknown AUD > ? > CD > EAC > ReTracking > FLAC

Set 1
Suzie Greenberg >
The Chase >
You Enjoy Myself
Good Times Bad Times

Set 2
My Sweet One
Dinner and a Movie >
Bouncing Around the Room
Uncle Pen
Divided Sky
HYHU > Love You > HYHU
Mike's Song >
I am Hydrogen >
Weekapaug Groove
Lawn Boy

The first set has some distortion because of the levels being too loud. There was no way to correct this or else I would have.

Most setlists have Donna Lee as the second song, it's not....

I faded the end of the seond set before the encore as there was a pause. There was no music lost.

Thanks to Alec Swenson for the EAC rip!
FLAC'd by Marmar and seeded by the SHNfamily