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Source Information

Variety Playhouse, Athens, GA

Source: Reported Matrix Source (Matrix>8mmPCM>DAT), but sounds like just an AUD
Conversion: Tascam DA-20-> Coax-> Waveterminal 2496->
Cool Edit Pro-> CDWav-> mkwACT-> .shn

Recorded by:

Converted by:
Alec Swensen

Disc One:
01 Possum (8:29)
02 You Enjoy Myself (15:10)
03 Dinner and a Movie (3:28)
04 Bouncing Around the Room (3:55)
05 Caravan (7:14)
06 Esther (9:08)
07 Tweezer (11:32)

Disc Two:
01 I Didn't Know (4:30)
02 Uncle Pen (4:20)
03 Divided Sky (12:03)
04 Ok Kee Pa Ceremony (1:44)
05 Suzy Greenberg (5:29)
06 Good Times, Bad Times (6:05)

**At This Show, Phish opened for The Aquarium Rescue Unit**