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Source Information

April 26, 1990
The Sco
Oberlin, OH

Source: SBD > Cass/x
Transfer: Yamaha KX-R470 > DSP24 > Wavelab > FLAC16
Thanks to Taperwayne and Matt Lauten for the source tapes!
Transfers, mastering, and FLAC16 by: Marmar-

Set I:
Foam >
You Enjoy Myself
Uncle Pen
Dinner and a Movie ->
Bouncing Around the Room
I Didn't Know
Run Like an Antelope
Lawn Boy

Set II:
/How High the Moon
Bathtub Gin
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >
Suzy Greenberg
{Sweet Adeline}
The Ballad of Curtis Loew
Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen >
Weekapaug Groove
Highway to Hell

Tech Notes:
- How High the Moon is cut. Unknown how much music is missing.
- 2 dropouts/pauses in Hydrogen, these were left as-is.

This is pretty much for historical record only. The sources used for this offering leave much to be desired. There is a good ammount of hiss present on both sources, and one is MUCH cleaner than the other. No sound alterations were made to these transfers other than volume adjustments to balance them out as best as possible. What you hear is what you get....