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Source Information

Notre Dame University
South Bend, IN

Source SBD > ? > Cass/x
Transfer: Dennon DRW-840> Sony PCM-r500 at 44.1> Audiophile 2496> WAV> CD Wave Editor to track> FLAC
by EEE
Mastering, tracking, FLAC16 by Marmar-

-DISC 1-
01. Foam
Set I
02. Sweet Adeline
03. Reba
04. *Rain Break*
05. Ya Mar
06. *Bahama Mamma*
07. You Enjoy Myself
08. Esther$
09. *Another Break Here*

-DISC 2-
01. La Grange
02. *Fishman*
03. Dinner and a Movie>
04. Bouncing Around the Room>
05. Mike's Song>
06. I Am Hydrogen>
07. Weekapaug Groove
Set II
08. *Keep the Roar to a Minimum*
09. If I Only Had a Brain
-[missing]-The Divided Sky
10. My Sweet One
-[missing]-David Bowie
11. Contact\\

*Show stops briefly for rain.
$tapeflip splits song, joined together using Cool Edit Pro