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PhishApril 21, 1990Canyon West Room, Lincoln CenterFort Collins, CO.SOURCE: SBD->Cass/XTRANSFER: Nakamichi DR-10->Digi003->Xact 1.62->FLAC16Transfer: Caravan2001Thanks to Dave Schanker for the source tapesTransfer Notes: Tape was very hissy, I removed as much as could. Tape starts during the middle of Sweet Adeline. Level adjustments during start of Reba. Tape flip during Oh Kee Pah Ceremony.Set One (Trt: 67:59)1) //Sweet Adeline (1:27) #2) Reba (12:52)3) Funky Bitch (5:04)4) Esther (9:11)5) Foam (8:13)6) Walk Away (4:10)7) How High The Moon (4:36)8) Oh Kee Pah Ceremony (1:35)9) Suzy Greenberg (5:49)10) Bike (5:50)11) Run Like An Antelope (9:07)Set Two (Trt: 73:22)1) Harry Hood (13:47)2) Runaway Jim (6:39) ^3) No Dogs Allowed (3:53) %4) Uncle Pen (4:12)5) Fluffhead (14:13)6) Highway to Hell (3:47)7) Tela (6:25)8) Tweezer (10:07)9) Lizards (10:18)# Dedicated to Trey's Aunt and Uncle^ Early version/Alt. Verse% Dedicated to Erik. Final version performed