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Source Information

4-9-90 Set 1
Fly Me to the Moon Saloon - Telluride, CO

Source: SBD > Cass/4 > DAT > CDR > EAC (secure) > shntool > FLAC

CDRs provided by Maria Rogers
FLAC Conversion by Ben Mohr (

Disc 1: (41:03)
-Set 1-
1. Reba (11:51)
2. Cavern* (04:45)
3. AC/DC Bag (05:48)
4. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony (01:40)
[??? (see notes)]
5. Caravan (07:10)
6. Rocky Top (02:26)
7. Ya Mar** (07:23)

Disc 2: (41:04)
[??? (see notes)] >
1. Alumni Blues (05:38)
2. //The Sloth (01:02)
3. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters (09:03)
4. Dinner and a Movie (03:33)
5. Bouncin' Around the Room (03:53)
6. Runaway Jim (05:49)
7. David Bowie (12:06)

* requested by "the man in the front row" and with alternate lyrics (ex: penile erector, etc)
** audience member requests Melt the Guns (presummably hasn't been played in 3 years) after Ya Mar

-At the end of Reba, Trey says, " gotta bring it...bring it tomorrow night" in reference to something an audience member mummbles...according to and the Pharmers Almanac, there was a show played on 4-10-90 at the Moon
-At the end of Bowie, Trey says, "Thanks, we're going to take a break...please stick around," so this is definitely a Set 1
-I suspect that there is a missing song between Oh Kee Pah and Caravan as there appears to be a possible cut/splice between the tracks in addition to the fact that that seque has never been played before or again.
-slight skip d1t01 10:35
-Tape flip: d1t07 7:13.282 (possible missing song since there appears to be 0.035sec of the beginning of Alumni, which is segued in from something)
-d2t02 fades in quickly (missing part of song...only 1 minute long)

-Applied pitch shift of -30 cents in Soundforge 4.5c (w/ anti-alias filter)
-Manually removed frequency peak between 15420-15700 Hz with Samplitude v6