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Source Information

The Front - Burlington, VT

Source: SBD > Cass/2 > DAT (master)
A>D Transfer: Denon 3-head deck > Fostex D5 @44.1kHz
DAT>SHN Transfer: CTD8000H-S > DAT2WAV > SHN > CDWav > SHN

A>D Transfer by Jon Epstein
DAT>SHN Transfer by Robert Brown
Tracking and Fixes by Ben Mohr (

Disc 1: (57:16)
-Set 1p-
1. Contact > (05:59)
2. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony > (01:38)
3. Suzy Greenberg (04:42)
4. TMWSIY > (03:19)
5. Avenu Malkenu > (03:01)
6. Reba// (00:02)
[La Grange]
7. Mike's Song > (05:37)
8. I Am Hydrogen > (02:33)
9. Weekapaug Groove (06:23)
10. The Squirming Coil > (05:42)
11. Lizards (09:21)
12. Possum (08:59)
Disc 2: (36:42)
-Set 2p-
[Roll Like a Cantaloupe]
[My Sweet One]
[Bouncing Around the Room]
[Dinner and a Movie]
[Take the A Train]
1. The Sloth (03:30)
2. Ya Mar (06:56)
3. Split Open and Melt (08:39)
4. Harpua* (15:22)
5. Slave to the Traffic Light// (02:15)
[AC/DC Bag]
[David Bowie]

* contains Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) teases

-The Phish Companion does not list d1t11 Lizards for this show but it is definitely
part of the show since they are no cuts before and there is a nice segue into the
-This is the first time this show exists digitally and is the most complete source
with a known cassette generation.
-Tape flips
d1t11 8:03 (38:56)
d2t05 2:15 (46:49)
**From the second tape flip, it seems that the supposed first 6 songs of the second
set were not recorded.
-Levels slighly high at start of d2t01 but are lowered eventually.

-Removed pop R channel d1t02 0:29.661, 0:29.691 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop R channel d1t03 2:55.083 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop d1t11 5:17.861 (<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop L channel d1t12 8:09.356, 8:09.386 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Replaced R channel diginoise d1t12 8:09.353 (0.036sec) with clean L channel
-Removed diginoise d1t12 8:09.353 (0.014sec)