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Source Information

Aiko's - Saratoga, NY

Source: SBD > cass/0 > DAT
Conversion: D8 > SEK'd Prodif Plus > CD Wave @ 48KHz >
Sound Forge 4.5 48KHz to 44.1KHz by Ryan McKinney

Pitch fix, tracking, and encoded to SHN v3 by Mike Wren

Seeded 11/6/00 for

Thanks to Ryan McKinney for the seed!

Set I / Disc 1
01 Dinner and a Movie
02 You Enjoy Myself >
03 Possum (not listed in HPB)
04 Ya Mar
05 Foam
06 Carolina
07 Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >
08 Suzy Greenberg
09 Take the A-Train
10 Run Like an Antelope *

Set II / Disc 2
01 The Divided Sky
02 Bathtub Gin
03 My Sweet One
04 AC/DC Bag
05 Caravan
06 I Didn't Know
07 Lizards
08 Mike's Song >
09 I Am Hydrogen >
10 Weekapaug Groove
11 The Ballad of Curtis Loew

Disc 3
01 Golgi Apparatus
02 Contact
03 Good Times Bad Times

* With "Andy Griffith Theme" tease

Known Flaws: