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Source Information

March 1, 1990
Toad's Place,
New Haven, CT

Source: SBD > Cass/0
Transfer: Yamaha KX-R470 > DSP24 > Wavelab 24/48 > FLAC16
Thanks to Steve F. for the source tapes!
Transfer, mastering, and FLAC16 by: Marmar-

Set I:
1. Golgi Apparatus
2. Ya Mar
3. Rhombus Narration
4. Divided Sky
5. I Didn't Know
6. You Enjoy Myself ->
7. Possum

Set II:
1. //The Lizards
2. Good Times Bad Times
3. Foam
4. Mike's Song >
5. I Am Hydrogen >
6. Weekapaug Groove
7. Carolina
8. Slave to the Traffic Light
9. Fire

Show Notes:
- This Weekapaug included a tease of the theme from Bonanza.

Tech Notes:
- My buddy who taped this (he couldn't remember what type of deck he taped it on) gave me the source info as "SBD" on the tapes. Recently, I contacted him about the info, and he confirmed that he was patched out of the monitor mix. This is why the mix is so "off". All the static, and "errors" you hear are on the guess is dusty pots/faders being moved and/or bad cables (or a combination).
- Considering the age, brand of tape, and amount of playback these tapes have had over their 16 years, the ammount of hiss present was expected.