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Ii 03 Mike's Song -Stream Download7,900.00 KB
Ii 04 I Am Hydrogen -Stream Download3,106.10 KB
Ii 05 Weekapaug GrooveStream Download8,414.00 KB
Ii 06 Jesus Just Left ChicagoStream Download11,078.00 KB
Ii 07 PossumStream Download9,532.00 KB
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Source Information

January 29, 1990
The Haunt
Ithaca, NY
Set II-partial
Source: Unknown Mic(s) set up on the bar

Transfer: Master Cassette->Nakamichi DR-10->Digi003->Xact 1.62->FLAC16
Thanks to Dave Schanker for the source tape!
Seeded by Caravan2001, January 5, 2009

Set 2 (partial) TRT: 56:38
1./Lizards (4:25)
2./If I Only Had Brain (2:41)
3.Mike's Song (5:36)
4.I Am Hydrogen (2:12)
5.Weekapaug Groove (5:58)
6./Jesus Just Left Chicago (7:52)
7.Possum/ (6:46)
8.Highway To Hell (3:24)
E:9.Harpua (13:10)
10.Fire (4:30)

Notes: This show was recorded back at the bar so it sounds a little distant and there are a few times where people near the deck were screaming.
You can hear Pete D. and Rob S. by the mics the whole time, but not sure who actually brought a deck, but it was not either of them. There was a 3
second dropout during the slow part of Lizards which was removed and crossfaded. There were also a number of instances where they stopped and started
the tape between a few songs. Also, Possum is cut. Some level fluctuations too. Certainly not perfect, but a pretty good indication of what it was like
to see Phish at this venue.