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Source Information

Webster Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH

TAPER: John Redmond
SOURCE Unknown mics > Nak CR-3A - lined out of a Tascam (DAT?)

AUD MCass (Maxell XLII-S 90 min)> Sony TC-WE805S >
Art DI/O (48Khz, Input gain +~7dB, No "Tube Warmth")>
Delta DIO 2496> WaveLab v4.0c> WAV (@24/48)> FLAC (24-bit, v1.1.0) >
Mastering > SHNv3

Anomolies & Fixes:
There were several major problems on the first side of the first cassette and a few sporadic problems with the rest of the recording. Many (10+) dropouts were fixed by patching the left channel onto the right, and vice versa. Who knows what's going on during Carolina, but things seem to smooth out by the time Sloth starts. A major chunk of Bathtub Gin was missing, and when it came back in the levels were severly oversaturated, I completely removed about 25 seconds for the sake of "listenability". Then end result is listenable, although you can hear multiple instances of Page during a confusing crossfade. YEM was also a pretty big mess, there were sections which were much much quieter than others, the "boy man god shit" & "tramps" sections are missing entirely. There's about 40 seconds of YEM that is pretty akward as the levels and stereo image jump around. The middle section of Caravan had super-hot levels which clipped, I brought down the overall level to make it level with the previous levels. Sections of Trey's banter after Caravan were cut, I patched those back together with crossfades. The levels on set II are much hotter than set I, so you may need to turn it down after Antelope. Bouncin' had a dropout and level change, again, I did my best to smooth it out, but it's still obvious. There were 2 more dropout/level bumps in Reba, fixed again with a L/R channel patch and crossfade. Before Tela the levels were dipped again, I bumped it up and rolled it off again when things got back to normal. There was another dropout in Weekapaug Groove, patched with a crossfade.

Mastering Info:
Once all fixes were made in the 24/48 realm, the following mastering proccesses were rendered: Waves REQ (top secret settings), Blue Tubes FA770, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Waves L2 & Waves X-Noise. The 192KHz Stereo Resampler was used for 48 > 44.1 and UV22HR was used for 24 > 16 bit dithering.

transfer>24bit FLAC files by Weave - on 11/9/2003
all fixes & mastering performed in Wavelab on Doomtooth, 12/07/2003 by shakedown.

set I:
01. Carolina
02. Sloth
03. Bathtub Gin
04. You Enjoy Myself
05. The Squirming Coil
06. Caravan
07. stage banter
08. Lizards
09. Run Like An Antelope
set II:
10. stage banter/tuning
11. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >
12. Suzy Greenberg
13. Bouncin'

set II(cont):
01. Reba
02. Tela
03. La Grange
04. Lawn Boy
05. Esther
06. Mike's Song >
07. I Am Hydrogen >
08. Weekapaug Groove
09. Harry Hood

NO tracking/editing/alterations performed before archiving to 24-bit FLAC
(except to trim silence from the ends).

The first performance of Bouncin'.

This is the first time the taper taped a show!

Seeded to FurthurNet (