Current location: 1988/1988-09-24
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1-01 __Golgi ApparatusStream Download8,347.99 KB
1-02 On Your Way DownStream Download9,302.26 KB
1-03 Alumni Blues _Stream Download6,561.99 KB
1-04 Alumni Blues (Continued)Stream Download1,517.09 KB
1-05 Alumni Blues (Continued)Stream Download3,279.76 KB
1-06 You Enjoy Myself _Stream Download22,732.40 KB
1-07 Wilson _Stream Download8,643.36 KB
1-08 Peaches En RegaliaStream Download5,439.21 KB
1-09 La GrangeStream Download5,776.89 KB
1-10 __Take The A-TrainStream Download11,075.58 KB
1-11 The Divided SkyStream Download21,915.21 KB
1-12 Bold As LoveStream Download10,510.67 KB
2-13 LizardsStream Download18,019.47 KB
2-14 Walk Away _Stream Download5,281.98 KB
2-15 PossumStream Download13,813.26 KB
2-16 Fee _Stream Download9,165.44 KB
2-17 Sparks _Stream Download4,109.55 KB
2-18 Whipping PostStream Download16,821.53 KB
2-19 Good Times, Bad TimesStream Download7,706.81 KB
2-20 FluffheadStream Download25,830.03 KB
2-21 The Curtain _Stream Download11,659.20 KB
2-22 Ac_Dc BagStream Download12,435.14 KB
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Source Information

Humphries House (The Zoo) - Amherst College, Amherst, MA
Source: Soundboard>cass/0>DAT
Transfer: DA-20 mkii->Delta Dio2496->Soundforge 4.5 (resampled on setting 4 w/anti alias filter->cdwav->shn
Received From: Brandon Johnston

Disc I:
Set I:
1.Golgi Apparatus
2.On Your Way Down
3.Alumni Blues
4.You Enjoy Myself->
6.Peaches en Regalia
7.La Grange
8.//Take the A-Train
9.The Divided Sky
10.Bold as Love

Disc II:
Set II:
[David Bowie]
2.Walk Away->
6.Whipping Post

Set III:
7.Good Times Bad Times
9.The Curtain
10.AC/DC Bag

Notes: GTBT contains diginoise. Dat was missing david bowie, apparently this is missing or severly cut on all
copies. A-train is also clipped, most likely an analog flip