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Source Information

Sam's Tavern
Burlington VT

Source: Cass/? > CDR > EAC > FLAC16
Transfer: Taperwayne (

Notes: This disc is a hole filler. The quality is pretty bad, but it is all I could locate for this date.
Better than nothing, and it will have to do until a cleaner source turns up.

01. Shaggy Dog
02. Take The A Train
03. Fee
04. Bold As Love
05. Timber (Jerry)
06. Satin Doll
07. The Lizards
08. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >
09. Avenu Malkenu ->
10. Bundle Of Joy ->
11. Camel Walk
12. Harry Hood
13. The Practical Song *
14. Esther *

* = debut

61e4c1dadf6e38ecad8445bdc68a2db7 *ph1988-09-12T01.flac
0228068dcfe226bc17810299f036b80b *ph1988-09-12T02.flac
6bf09945196a7792c5908a1d8ba6f454 *ph1988-09-12T03.flac
0fa682b3d82580a044eb09e22a4aadad *ph1988-09-12T04.flac
340921a54d012f4d62600bd3dc5f3a07 *ph1988-09-12T05.flac
797234d8eaf6589d6dce50a87d10afd8 *ph1988-09-12T06.flac
c390344143f7bfbb01bd530894d0b5ce *ph1988-09-12T07.flac
2b0cb69984b0a6b4c7bfc763218176fe *ph1988-09-12T08.flac
bd0c6a465acf1b81ca375bc3aef12a8e *ph1988-09-12T09.flac
e3f10953c3f4f344d9b97f6c6fecbac6 *ph1988-09-12T10.flac
eafda3426012c39f2fb4a2a012284a5b *ph1988-09-12T11.flac
a1e536cafd8076b86eedb97c0001ec87 *ph1988-09-12T12.flac
31713d6bee3b0ac8c4e78c1b64212aca *ph1988-09-12T13.flac
03dce66eddddd36b436d8a3fe38f443b *ph1988-09-12T14.flac