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Source Information

Phish 8/13/88
The Front - Burlington, VT

SBD (unknown lineage) > CD
retracked and encoded to flac via cdwav by car
no other edits performed

thanks to wayne for the discs

Disc 1 [48:57]
-set 1-
01 Peaches En Regalia
02 AC/DC Bag
03 Take the A-Train
04 Colonel Forbin's Ascent >
05 The Famous Mockingbird
06 Light Up or Leave Me Alone
07 Suzy Greenberg ->
08 Alumni Blues >
09 Letter to Jimmy Page >
10 Alumni Blues
11 Fire

Disc 2 [31:24]
-set 2 partial-
01 Harry Hood
02 Corrine Corrina
03 Whipping Post