Current location: 1988/1988-07-11 (Burlington, VT - Sams Tavern)
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1.01 - Satin DollStream Download4,766.57 KB
1.02 - Suzy GreenbergStream Download6,405.84 KB
1.03 - The Curtain WithStream Download15,045.84 KB
1.04 - Funky BitchStream Download5,580.45 KB
1.05 - FireStream Download4,846.16 KB
1.06 - Bold As LoveStream Download5,206.98 KB
1.07 - Colonel Forbins AscentStream Download5,684.12 KB
1.08 - Fly Famous MockingbirdStream Download7,660.04 KB
1.09 - Golgi ApparatusStream Download4,793.51 KB
1.10 - Alumni BluesStream Download8,047.80 KB
1.11 - Mcgrupp And The Watchful HosemastersStream Download8,660.53 KB
1.12 - La GrangeStream Download5,634.33 KB
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lineage: -- traded my clean --
Foolish Heart, Women Are Smarter, Standing On the Moon, Box Of Rain, Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone-> Drums-> Jam-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> Sugar Magnolia, E: Brokedown Palace

Phish 07/11/88
Sam's Tavern

Set I

Satin Doll
Suzie Greenberg
The Curtain
Funky Bitch
Bold as Love
Colonel Forbin's Ascent ->
Fly Famous Mockingbird
Golgi Apparatus
Alumni Blues
McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters -> La Grange

(max XLII90)2nd-or-3rd gen. ? SBD >
NAK DR-3 > SB X-Fi > Nero8WaveEditor
@24/96 > WavePad(to track and convert)** > TLH(other) > flac 8

key: * = the tape that I traded was a Maxell Metal 110 mins. but was cut like a 90 min. tape.

** = I did some editing work to smooth out things pretty much as best I could using fade ins, & outs, 1 cross fade, & 2 very small high cuts that after listening to them sounded better to my ears than the originals. hopefully you wont even notice. other than that there were a few various defects on the tape that I fixed up as best I could.the worst of the cuts are in "The Curtain"(@ 19:02)that I fixed. the next one was a defect in "Fire"(@38:13)that I fixed. Alumni & Col. Forbins have small defects that I left alone.

azimuth adjusted for your listening pleasure. Still the couple of gens that are on the tape come through with some noticeable hiss. Which really only makes it hard to listen to, with headphones on.

***I was going to include the story about that day & night but we'll leave that for another time.
transfered & uploaded to on June 19th 08 by tripsnpig-aka-smole
to the taper's and the bands and the die hard rock music fans.